Ingenidoc Boosts Speeds and Productivity With Digital Inkjet

 VarioPrint i300 at Ingenidoc

Inkjet comes with a number of very compelling features: ease of use, high throughput, high uptime, as well as an optimised cost structure. By investing in Canon’s digital inkjet solution, we had the opportunity to target new markets with confidence.

Michel Bourrienne
President of Ingenidoc

A trusted partner

Founded in 1995 in the French province of Normandy, Ingenidoc has developed an array of print services designed for corporate customers over two decades. The company produces a large variety of documents ranging from training material to sales support documents, along with internal administrative items, books and leaflets.

Application of  VarioPrint i300

Fast, reliable and cost effective

The VarioPrint i300 fully demonstrated its ability to deliver on its promise within a few months of the installation. 

“We have been very satisfied with the VarioPrint i300 on all aspects, whether it be performance or cost effectiveness”, says Bourrienne. “The prime benefit has been increased production speeds for printed books and leaflets. We can now print 300 A4 colour pages per minute, more than double what we could achieve previously. 

With its superb uptime, the VarioPrint i300 gives us the confidence to take orders until midday and still deliver the following day. 

Bourrienne also recognises the added benefits that the ColorGrip technology brings. Looking forward, Ingenidoc is working on integrating the VarioPrint i300 more closely into its production workflows. In the recent months, the company developed new on-demand automated job routing solutions that are gaining traction among Ingenidoc’s customers.

Best of both worlds

“We’ve been impressed with Canon’s support and level of expertise going right back to the installation of the VarioPrint 6000”, says Bourrienne. “This is why we were comfortable with the idea of taking our steps into the inkjet world with the VarioPrint i300. Having Canon provide the technical and after sales support was an important aspect that truly reinforced our decision. Over the years, Canon has consistently demonstrated a strong level of involvement and a commitment to building a long lasting partnership with us. With Canon technology and support, we have the best of both worlds.”

Owner of Ingenidoc talking about applications of  VarioPrint i300

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