Why Canon is the No.1 Managed Print and Document Services provider

Putting print at the heart of information management

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The new leader in MPS

For customers, Managed Print and Document Services (MPDS) represents a real opportunity to bring their physical and digital information management into a holistic transformation strategy, future-proofing the function while delivering significant enhancements to both productivity and security. Whether a business is looking to implement complete control over all of its document workflows or roll out managed services to their operations across the world, MPDS could unlock efficiencies, introduce cost savings and bolster productivity.

After several years of strong, continuous growth, Canon has now overtaken the industry’s key players and has been acknowledged by industry analyst, IDC, as Western Europe’s market leader in MPDS.

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IDC’s view

In its report, ‘Western Europe MPDS and BPS Market Shares, 2017: Accelerated Technology Development Driving Greater Contractualized Business Revenues’, IDC recognises “Canon’s long heritage in the document imaging and printing business and the company’s portfolio, market innovation, and operational excellence to build its print services business” and acknowledges its capabilities, saying: “Canon emphasizes digital transformation with a focus on driving greater workflow delivery capabilities to clients, aiding them in solving some of the biggest business challenges associated with managing information, in both paper and electronic form. Canon has expanded its workflow solution offerings through greater emphasis on optimizing business processes and providing continuous improvement and providing solutions and service delivery in Europe, as it does across the globe.”

In a clear reflection of Canon’s ongoing commitment to offer its customers the best solutions, specific to their own business needs IDC also praised “Canon's value proposition [that] derives from the company's ability to provide imaging, capture, and output hardware that covers the full spectrum of users and combine it with scalable software and technology for solutions that can serve organizations ranging from small businesses up to multinational enterprise accounts. With its portfolio of software technologies as well as its heritage and strength in managed print and document services, Canon is helping customers through a journey that begins with fleet optimisation and transitions more deeply into process improvement and workflow automation.”

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Modern MPDS

It’s a fascinating time for managed print and document services. In today’s data-led world, hard copy and electronic documents (and the information contained within them) are integral to effective business operations. But with data volumes rising rapidly, the cost of efficiently managing and maintaining modern information sets is a real challenge. What’s more, there is an expectation today that the data held by businesses should be informing smarter and more efficient ways of working, powering greater customer insights or helping drive future innovation.

In the ever-changing world of document and information management, Canon is continuing to develop its consistent Managed Print Services offerings to meet the growing demands of offices and Central Reprographic Departments, including multi-site, multi-national, multi-regional and Global environments regionally and across the globe.

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Working with the experts

With digital transformation climbing up the corporate agenda, effective information management has never been more important. The digitisation of print management, alongside the use of scanning and capture, represents a real opportunity to reduce costs, increase security and free up the workforce to focus on more profitable or valuable tasks by enabling rapid access to timely, relevant information.

Managing a complex print service across multiple office and print room sites, countries and brands can be a real drain on internal resources, costing a business unnecessary time and money. Working with an expert partner in this department is essential. With a customer-centric approach coupled with an expanded workflow solution offering, Canon is well-placed to help business optimise processes and deliver continuous improvement and provide solutions and service delivery to businesses across Europe and beyond utilising MPDS.

As businesses seek to return a greater level of profit to its employees and shareholders, more organisations are realising that the introduction of MPDS enables them to refocus on what they do best. While information management has traditionally been run by in-house teams, print, and in particular print management, still represents one of the last great areas of uncontrolled costs. MPDS is a huge opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to introduce automation in a way that will release immediate productivity, cost and security gains.

If you’re looking to introduce MPDS into your business, then find out more about how Canon can help you by exploring our Managed Print Services.

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