Surface Reflectance Analyzer

Improve and maintain the surface appearance of your products anywhere and anytime with the portable Canon RA-532H, a unique 4-in-1 surface analysis tool

RA-532H Surface Reflectance Analyzer

Measure the reflectance of any surface

The unique Canon RA-532H can measure the gloss, haze, image clarity and bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of any surface. Ideal for automotive, printed, painted, paper, film or textured surfaces and much more.

One shot, instant results

Measure four metrics in a single 4-second pass. Get detailed analysis with sensitivity up to 2000 GU, all instantly viewable with the on-board colour display

Live positioning camera

The RA-532H's built-in camera allows you to accurately and freely position your desired area for analysis at three different measurement angles

ISO compliant

The RA-532H meets a range of compliance standards, from ISO2813 for gloss and ISO13803 for haze to JIS K7374 for image clarity

Measure the reflectance of any surface

Powerful software

USB, Bluetooth connectivity and powerful desktop analysis software mean you can assess statistics, graphs, histograms, 1D, 2D & 3D BRDF graphs and more.

Powerful software

Compact and portable

Weighing just 350 g even with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, the RA-532H is ultra-mobile - measuring 60 x 143.5 x 57.3 mm

Multiple reflectance angles

Precise internal mirroring means the Canon RA-532H can angle its light at 20°, 60° or 85°, giving it the versatility you need to analyse almost any flat surface.

Compact and portable

Product specifications

Application Software

Easy and visible application soft is bundled


1D BRDF, 2D BRDF and 3D BRDF are available

Live Monitor

Easy to check where you are measuring

350 g

Lightweight unit

Product Specification

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