MA-1010 Series

Laser Trepanning Scan System

Drill enclosure system for accurate zero taper, positive taper and even negative taper holes. Fast, flexible and built to deliver a wide precession angle, it's ideal for precision cutting of a variety of materials.

MA-1010 Series Laser Trepanning Scan System

Clean and precise finishing

High-speed laser drilling system with a wide 0-20 precision laser angle, and a flexible scanning pattern for cutting straight, positive or negative taper holes.

20° precession angle

The Canon MA-1010 Series makes it easy to create a range of hole shapes and types, with a wide 20° laser angle, ideal for precision manufacturing

High-speed cutting

600 Hz precession frequency means you can maintain high-productivity speeds without compromising on speed and laser angle.

Clean and precise finishing

Variable taper

Variable taper and variable scanning patterns combined with powerful pulse energy of up 400 μJ @ 1psec mean you can create a huge range of different cuts

Variable taper

Clean finishing

With a spot size of 20-30 μm for NIR and 10-20 μm for Green, a focal length of 60mm and focus range of 2 mm, the Canon MA-1010 is ideal for precision cutting with a clean finish

Built to meet your production needs

The Canon MA-1010 Series Laser Trepanning System includes all the components you need - simply install the laser of your choice to take full advantage

Clean finishing

Product specifications

20° precession laser angle

Flexible cutting angles

600hz scanning Speed

Achieve high speed trepanning 600HZ and 0-20degree scanning simultaneously

More production possibilities

Two type trepanning head is ready for NIR laser and Green laser

Product specifications

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