ColorWave 3500

Product Specifications

Up to 4 rolls

roll width up to 42 inches

PAINT technology

consistent quality from the first to last print


input capacity

Perfectly tuned finishing

Folder Express 3011, Folder Professional 6011/6013 or Stacker Select*

Up to 225 A1

CAD prints per hour

2 x 500 GB

internal hard drive

Optional roll-to-roll printing

with SDD take-up unit

Adobe PDF Print Engine 4

original state-of-the-art PDF file processing

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Specifications in detail


Long description

Print excellent, high-quality prints in color and monochrome, on a wide range of media. The ColorWave 3000 series offers rock-solid reliability and unparalleled ease of use, with smart innovations that reduce delays and avoid misprints. Confidently print high quality graphics and technical documents where every detail of data is critical. With the ColorWave 3000 series, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, high-productivity print engine that supports your business.


Technical drawings, Maps, POP/POS posters, Graphic Arts applications like posters, wallpapers, banners, wrapping paper, fine art

Print Technology

CrystalPoint Technology. Instant dry, waterfast output on uncoated media


The printer contains 8 Imaging Devices, 2 for each color (CMYK).

Toner / Ink type

ColorWave 500 TonerPearls, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black TonerPearls, 500 gram /color. Clean toner refill, no toner dust, no residue.

Print speed

B&W CAD: 225 A1/D/hour (high speed mode), Color CAD: 212 A1/D/hour (high speed mode)

Print Modes

4 print modes and OPA (Print Assistant, determines automatically the best print mode based on the content, without intervention required).


True resolution: 600 x 600 dpi


Dimensions printer (WxDxH)

2100 x 900 x 1580 mm; 82.7 x 35.4 x 62.2 in

Shipping dimensions printer (WxDxH)

2271 x 1196 x 1547 mm; 89.4 x 47.1 x 60.9 in

Weight printer

252 kg; 556 lbs (printer and 1 drawer)

Shipping weight printer

338 kg; 745 lbs (printer and 1 drawer)


Scanner Express with Image Logic technology.


Integrated Top Delivery Tray, 90 sheets capacity.


Delivery Tray, 150 sheets capacity. Increase delivery capacity up to 240 pages.

Optional finishing devices

Folder Express 3011
4311 fullfold series
Stacker Select
Folder Professional 6011; integrated full fold
Folder Professional 6013; integrated full fold + reinforcement module
SDD Take-up Module TUM 6244

Media Handling


AutoSwitching Technology:
• the correct roll for a print job is selected automatically based on the media type and roll width
• Automatic roll switching when end of roll is reached

Automatic width detection



Media rolls

2 or 4 rolls (1 drawer = 2 rolls , 2 drawer = 4 rolls)

Media capacity

Up to 800 m, 200 m on a roll

Media weight

Paper: 60-160 g/m2

Media Thickness

200 µm

Roll length

Up to 200 m

Roll weight

All widths between 297 mm - 1067 mm, 11 inch - 42 inch, including standard sizes DIN, ANSI, ARCHI

Roll diameter

Up to 180 mm; 7.1 in

Roll core diameter

3 inch and 2 inch cores (media on 2 inch core to the external output not to the TDT)
Media loose on core

Roll weight

Up to 20 kg


210 mm; 8,5 in


Up to 200 m, 50 m guaranteed

Media types (

Uncoated papers, uncoated tyvek, self-adhesive papers, self-adhesive coated vinyls, blue back papers, polypropylene films, polyester films, light blocks films, soft banner, instant dry photo paper, backlit paper



POWERsync® controller

Operating System

Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise (64-bit)


Intel® Core™ i3 processor



Hard Drive

2 x 500 GB

Video Quality

Intel HD Graphics, 1GHz

Print languages (standard)

TIFF 6.0, JPEG1.02, HPGL, HPGL2, C4, Calcomp 906/907/951, CALS 1, NIRS, NIFF

Print languages (optional)

ColorWave 3500 PDF/APPE license provides access to Adobe® PostScript® 3 and PDF1.7. It enables the Adobe® CPSI (Configurable PostScript Interpreter) and the APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) 4 components


Provide secure access to device by users by keying in password on the ClearConnect multi-touch operator panel or get access with a Smart Card by connecting a card reader (inclusing contactless). Authorization is managed by using Active Directory.


Unlimited user and or Administrator autenticated cloud support via WebDav and/or third party provider: e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint®, Dropbox®,,, Google® Drive®, Microsoft SkyDrive®, Amazon®, Cloudsafe®, MyDisk®, ARC® Collaborate.


Scaling; Scaling (scale-to-fit page, reduce when image too large to avoid clipping or to custom factor, scale page size to standard size) , Rotation , Shift (automatic or user defined), Adding/removing trailing/leading edge, Mirror, Area to erase (area of intrest)


- RGB input profile (sRGB, AdobeRGB)
- CMYK input profile (Euroscale coated, Euroscale uncoated, 
  US Web coated (SWOP), US Web uncoated, ISOcoated_v2_eci_300.icc,
  ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc (FOGRA39), PSO Uncoated ISO12647-ECI
  (FOGRA47), GRACoL2006_Coated1v2.icc, SWOP2006_Coated3v2.icc,
  SWOP2006_Coated5v2.icc, UncoatedFogra29.icm
- Gray profile (standard included in the PDF/APPE option)
- Rendering intent (perceptual, saturation, absolute colorimetric, relative colorimetric)


Personal Smart Inboxes for organizing and re-group jobs, reprinting or preview before printing.



Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Color scanner with Image Logic technology (automatic image enhancement, e.g. color highlight, folding lines, weak info, background)

Scan Resolution

600 x 600 dpi

Scan speed

14,6 m/min Black & white scanning;
4.8 m/min Color scanning


TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, CALS, multi-page PDF, multi-page PDF/A and multi-page TIFF


Local USB flash drive, FTP, SMB, Controller, mobile device via Mobile WebTools, WebDav Cloud, Collaborate


FTP, SMB, scan to cloud (push to webDAV based clouds)


Preset naming with auto numbering for productive scanning or file name on the ClearConnect user panel.


208 mm - 914 mm; 8.2'' - 36", automatic digital width detection


208 mm - 16000 mm; 8.2"- 630'' (file type dependend, longer than 16000 mm for smaller originals) , automatic length detection


Maximum 0.8 mm; 0.03" (non-rigid documents)


1:1, Scale to media size , Scale to standard format, Custom: 10 - 1000 %


For scanning and copying

Size-scanner (WxDxH)

1097 x 308 x 140 mm; 43 x 12 x 5,5"

Weight of scanner

25 kg; 55 lbs

User Interface


ClearConnect multi-touch User Interface.
Rotatable touchscreen for accessing local job management, the Smart Inbox, the printer status, and maintenance control. Consistent look and feel from every angle of your workflow.

Size User Interface (WxDxH)

300 x 220 x 40 mm; 11.8 x 8.7 x 1.6 in. Touch screen: 264mm; 10.4 in


800 x 600 pixels

Number of colors

16.2 Million


Projective capacitive touch


3 hard buttons: [Wake-up], [Stop, interrupt, abort], [Home]
Multi-touch functions: tab, double tap, pinch, 2 finger pinch, swipe, flick and spread

Interface design

IF design award: distinctive user interface with intuitive navigation and clearly defined levels of operation


View optimization: Tilt (-4 to +45 degrees) and turn (-45 to +180 degrees)
Status light (red, green)
USB 2.0 interface with indication light


Switch instantly between 2 languages. Select from 21 languages.



Workflow: Concurrent printing, copying, scanning and file processing of single documents or sets

Printer drivers

PostScript ®3 driver, Wide format Printer Driver for Microsoft ® Windows® 2

Job submission

USB flash drive, Mobile WebTools for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, Publisher Mobile for IOS and Android, Publisher Express, Publisher Select 3, Reprodesk.

Job management

Personalized Smart Inbox with history, Manage queue, Manage history, Express WebTools, Secured controller access

Accounting (standard)

Express WebTools

Accounting (option)

Account Center

Network information


Ethernet 100 Mbits/s, 1 Gbit/s
TCP/IP: DHCP,IPv4, IPv6, https
Discovery: WSD, LPD, NetBios


Network protocols: TCP/IP
Printing protocols: LPR, LPR to DRP, FTP, WebDav, Collaborate, WSD print
Backchannel protocols: SNMP printer MIB, Wave interface 1.3, WSD, OCI

Environmental and Safety

Ozone emissions


Heat emission

Printing: 395 W, Ready: 214 W

Power requirements

100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

Power Consumption

Sleep: 2,5W, Ready: 199 W, Active: 380 W

Accoustic sound pressure

Printing: 57 dB(A), Ready: 36 dB(A)

Accoustic sound power

Printing: 6,9 B(A), Ready: 4,7 B(A)