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Canon announces the new KJ20x8.2B KRSD 2/3” HD lens – high performance in a compact, affordable package

The KJ20x8.2B KRSD offers an impressive specification alongside a compact design that guarantees advanced performance and operability. Its 20x zoom lens offers a 1.0 second maximum speed over its entire zoom range, alongside a Minimum Object Distance of 0.9M (10mm with Macro). Focal lengths range from an extra-wide angle 8.2mm (60.7 degrees angular field of view horizontal in 16:9 aspect ratio) to 164mm, combining with a f/1.9 maximum reflective aperture to provide excellent operational capabilities – all in a package weighing just 1.25 kg.

Optical performance that outperforms the rest
The new lens has been developed to deliver superior optical performance within its category. With tighter control of MTF across the entire image plane, a minimisation of chromatic aberrations and the maximisation of image contrast, the lens delivers superb levels of picture sharpness.

Contrast is maximised thanks to substantial reduction of flare, veiling glare and internal reflections. The lens offers tight control of the geometric distortion at wide-angle settings, while spectral transmittance characteristic is to HDTV colorimetric standards. With relative light distribution optimised for more open aperture settings, uniform brightness, excellent picture sharpness and high contrast, operators can be sure of producing vividly clear HD pictures.

Advanced technologies for pristine imaging
The superior optical performance of the Canon KJ20x8.2B KRSD can be attributed to a range of Canon technical innovations. A new optical design includes the precision optical element and multilayer coatings, as well as Canon’s Internal Focus – a floating optical system that vastly improves control of chromatic aberrations. The lens also incorporates Shuttle Shot, an advanced digital drive system that allows operators to precisely zoom between pre-programmed focal lengths, instantly and on-demand.

Solid, reliable, rugged and Earth friendly
The KJ20x8.2B KRSD’s has been manufactured to exacting Canon standards. A range of user-friendly design features have been included, such as a compact drive unit mounted to the lens at an ergonomically designed 12.5 degree angle, to improve comfort and balance during operation. Like all of Canon’s current lenses, the lens is also designed with the environment in mind, with the use of any materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment completely eliminated. Its high-grade design also makes it suitable for shooting in a wide range of situations – offering outstanding flexibility to complement its advanced performance.

Canon introduces flagship HD pan-tilt to meet needs of broadcasting professionals

Producing broadcast picture quality, Full HD video and with an image stabilising function and rugged construction, the camera is ideal for outdoor use in the most demanding conditions.

Features that help meet the industry’s highest standards
The new Canon BU-47H provides Full HD (1920x1080) through three CMOS sensors and a total pixel count of 2.37 megapixels. Its Canon HD zoom lens offers 18x optical zooming and AF function with 7.4mm wide angle to 134 mm telephoto (2/3” equivalent) and a focal length of 4.1 to 73.8mm. A minimum subject brightness of 0.08 lux¹ enables shooting at brightness levels equivalent to moonlight (0.5 to 1 lux).

For the professional, finely-graded video and picture quality settings can be adjusted by operating the OP knob. A brand new feature offers an adjustment alternative through an ECU function (only OP-450/U-4 protocol) which include: Gamma, black gamma, master pedestal, knee, setup, 100% clipping, sharpness level, sharpness horizontal band, sharpness HV balance, sharpness limits, sharpness select, knee aperture, luminance-adaptive sharpness, coring level, luminance-adaptive coring, noise reduction, skin detail, selective noise reduction, low-key saturation, colour matrix, colour gain, hue, white balance, colour correction.

Clear and stable images – whatever the conditions
With image stabilisation, camera shake is minimal even in high wind conditions. In fact, the BU-47H is built for the great outdoors – with an IP45 waterproof/dustproof rating, it can withstand jets of water from any direction and dust particles with a 1mm diameter shut-out. A wiper accessory is also available.

The camera’s compact size and light weight (approx. 17kg) enable installation almost anywhere, providing easy portability in outdoor programme production.

Compatible with existing systems and many application types
The BU-47H supports the NU protocol to provide a high level of compatibility with existing systems and reduce introduction costs. A range of different systems can be constructed, such as short distance control and long distance control, to fit in with the installation environment.

With its selection of interfaces, many kinds of applications are also supported. The camera utilises SDI signals, averting the need for a dedicated audio cable.

¹At 60i, F16, +33 dB, 1/4 shutter speed

Wider angle, higher magnification DIGISUPER 80 and DIGISUPER 76 enhance Canon’s HDTV field lens line-up further.


Through its 80x zoom ratio, the Canon DIGISUPER 80 adds an extra 5x magnification over its predecessor, the DIGISUPER 75. An 8.8 mm focal length gives wide angle  around 5% more than the DIGISUPER 75 which was 9.3mm.

The DIGISUPER 76 is the successor to the DIGISUPER 72. This new lens has a 9mm wide angle – 3% greater than the DIGISUPER 72. It also has a superior zoom ratio – 76 times compared to 72.

Powerful on-field close-ups
Both the DIGISUPER 80 and DIGISUPER 76 are designed to deliver compelling close-ups from a distance. For instance, the triumphant smile of a record breaker within the context of a 70,000 seat stadium.

These close-ups are made even more impactful through the lenses’ excellent optical performance. This ensures both high resolution and high contrast throughout the entire zoom range.

Innovative large diameter lens technology
Canon has applied a series of optical design technologies in the production of the DIGISUPER 80 and DIGISUPER 76. These incorporate the latest optical materials as well as Canon’s own optical design technology for large diameter aspherical lenses.

Examples include optimal placement, (Ultra Low Dispersion) glass and UD fluorite to compensate for various aberrations, such as spherical aberration, chromatic aberration and field curvature. In addition, high resolution has been achieved from the center to the periphery of the image.

Optical Shift anti-vibration
Taking the two lenses’ range of technical features even further, the DIGISUPER 80 also incorporates a built-in Optical Shift image stabilizer. Through shake-detecting sensors and a microcomputer, this counteracts image shake and maintains a stable picture and provides greatly improved image stabilization.

The output connector for both lenses is standard, that can be read with high-precision Data and can be synthesised with virtual systems for use in Studio and sports broadcasts.

Keeping pace with HD broadcast needs
The growing demand for HD content has, as expected, extended to sports, news and events broadcasting. With the transition to digital broadcasting, the demand has increased yet further especially regarding the coverage of worldwide broadcasting events using HDTV camera field zoom lenses.

The launch of the high magnification, wide angle DIGISUPER 80 and DIGISUPER 76 lenses, demonstrates how Canon provides enhanced solutions that are ready now to meet these specific broadcasting demands.

With superb tele to wide optical performance, the new Canon HJ17ex6.2B is the ‘Premium Standard’

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High quality HD images for multiple applications

The well-established and popular Canon HJ17ex7.6B now has a brother – the Canon HJ17ex6.2B. In fact, with its focal length of 6.2~106mm, extra wide angle and a shorter MOD, the newcomer takes on the role as the ‘Premium Standard’ 2/3” HD camera lens and further strengthens the line-up of Canon’s HJ lenses.

The HJ17ex6.2B is an ideal choice for the ENG (Electronic News Gathering) broadcasting sector. Its 6.2~106mm focal length is 1.4mm (18%) wider than the HJ17ex7.6B and is the widest in the Standard lens class. It’s a high performing solution for when a wider and closer shot is required, providing both convenience and the opportunity to capture creative images.

Shorter MOD for extra flexibility

The new Canon HJ17ex6.2B lens’s MOD (Minimum Object Distance) is shorter by 0.16 when compared to the HJ17ex7.6B. This gives the operator more flexibility when capturing a closer image is required. It’s a great performer in close-up interview situations or in closer object shooting.

As a Canon lens, the HJ17ex6.2B benefits from Canon’s Optical Design expertise. With high precision aspherical and Hi-UD glass, aberrations and distortions are kept to an absolute minimum. The lens is designed to deliver superb optical performance throughout its whole focal range and also provide high resolution and contrast at any object distance.

Made to meet operator demands

News and Field Production camera operators need mobility and flexibility from their lenses. With its compact design and light weight, the HJ17ex6.2B meets its users’ needs over and above their expectations. Its Centre of Gravity balances the lens’s weight to provide better stability and less stress and fatigue, especially over extended shooting periods.

Meeting operator needs has been very much a priority in the development of the HJ17ex6.2B. Its drive unit is ergonomically designed and user friendly. Made to fit the human hand, it’s comfortable to hold and easy to handle. A variety of customization is available through Canon’s unique Display Function. Examples of the functions that can be set up to suit the operator’s preferences include an assignable switch and zoom speed adjustment. Up to 9 different settings in total can be memorized. 3D configuration setting is also possible through the display.

Setting the Standard in HD broadcast lens

Responding to the demand for HD content, the growth in HD Broadcasting is continuous and with emerging countries now moving to the format, transition is an on-going process. With the introduction of the new Canon HJ17ex6.2B HDTV Standard lens for 2/3” cameras, Canon continue to meet, if not exceed, the demands of all concerned: viewers, broadcasters and operators.

Canon builds on HD pan-tilt-zoom success with new compact and versatile XU-80

The XU-80 follows in the footsteps of its successful brothers, the BU-46H (outdoor) and BU-51H (indoor) PTZ camera systems designed for higher end applications. As a ‘smaller brother’, it is optimized for both environments whilst providing economies of scale and incorporating the same control protocols as its siblings.

High quality HD images for multiple applications

The new Canon XU-80 has a single   inch CMOS imaging sensor with 2.1 Megapixels. Utilizing a Canon 20x HD zoom, it captures superb, high quality images in full-HDTV format. Canon’s Dynamic Range Compensation feature allows for shooting in extremes of light by automatically correcting the video contrast.

The XU-80 is an ideal solution for broadcast applications. It utilizes HD-SDI output (the broadcast market standard) to relay quality images from a distance of up to 100 metres. With its single pre-set button option, the camera can pan and tilt while simultaneously zooming to give on-air movements comparable to manually operated cameras.

Built for outdoors, ideal for indoors

The Canon XU-80’s waterproof and dustproof design has an IP55 enclosure rating. It can be installed in challenging locations and is not affected by environmental conditions. The XU-80W version of the camera is for permanent outdoor locations and comes with servo ND filter and wiper unit. This version can be equipped with washer as an option.

A smooth, fast and precise movement is integral to this camera. In Normal Mode, it has a noise rating of NC≤30, ideal for quiet indoor environments.  Where a higher speed is required, the pan-tilt mechanism can be accelerated by 50% in High Speed Mode.

The highly versatile, cost-effective, compact PTZ camera

Canon’s XU-80 weighs just 14.5 lbs (6.6Kg). With its handle (included), setup is almost effortless, it can also be mounted upright or inverted (ceiling mount). In either position, the picture image will automatically adjust when the tilt angle reaches 90°. For locally switchable output, users can select either 1080i or 720p HD to match their existing systems. Control can also be toggled between RS-232 and RS-422 making the camera extremely adaptable to new and existing multi-camera environments.

When shooting under low light conditions, the XU-80 gains extra brightness through its slow shutter function. Shooting at night or in near dark conditions is supported by the black and white mode without the IR cut filter.

As the transition to HD imaging continues to accelerate, video content creators are continually searching for remote-controlled PTZ HD camera systems that are turnkey and cost-effective. Systems that will provide unique visual perspectives combined with high image quality. With the new Canon XU-80, they now have a camera that meets all their requirements.

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