Canon Technology

Partnering for the development of applications that will lead to a better world.

The Common Good
At the very heart of Canon’s philosophy is the belief that a deeply rooted concern for the individual’s needs, both in their free time and in their professional life, will help contribute to progress.

For this reason Canon’s broad yet highly consistent portfolio of advanced technologies, ranging from Visual Communication, to Information Interaction, to Mixed Reality and more, keeps evolving in line with what we expect the digital future to be.

Patent Excellence
A passion for detail, a constant search for quality, a worldwide R&D organisation that enables multidisciplinary research and cross-functional development all contribute to the continuing success of our consistently innovative group: over the past ten years, the Canon group has constantly enjoyed top ranking in terms of patent generation around the world, and is looking at expanding its worldwide R&D operations in order to stay ahead of the game.

Technology for New Business
Technology alone is not the key: the ability to further individual technology components by combining them with diverse contributions from various fields of research in order to develop tangible customer satisfaction is what has helped Canon stay successful thus far, and will keep driving our efforts in the years to come.

Partners are therefore a major driving force in Canon’s activities, as it is our belief that cooperation is the best means to ensure that every aspect of today’s multi-faceted reality is taken into consideration, and combines to generate a synergetic effect.

Everyone aspires to making the most of life, both at home and at work and Canon believes that with mutual understanding, willingness to co-operate and the right combination of technologies … YOU CAN

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