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Electrophotography Technology

Electrophotography is the image-producing technology behind plain-paper fax machines, printers and copying machines. In the electrophotographic process, a photosensitive surface (light exposure reduces the surface's resistance) is uniformly charged with static electricity. When the surface is exposed to an optical image through light, a latent or invisible image is formed from the electrostatic charge.

Toner, a fine powder, is spread over the surface. The toner adheres only to the charged areas, thereby making the latent image visible. Fusing the toner to the paper makes the image semi-permanent.

The revolutionary NP System, a key imaging technology, now joins the long list of Canon contributions to electrophotography, which include the plain-paper copying machine, the world's first cartridge-type copying machine, the laser beam printer and the digital full-color printer. We will continue to make technological history in this field, as we now strive toward advances in output levels and image quality.

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