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MultiPASS L90

MultiPASS L90

FAQ ID: 26468
Last modified: 11-Jun-10

FAQ: What should I do if my fax machine has no power and the display is blank?

Helpful Information:


Please check the following possible causes:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the supply and check that it is free from damage. Then ensure that the power cord is securely connected both at the machine end and at the wall socket. Try removing and re-inserting the cable to verify that it is securely connected.
  2. Check that the wall socket is switched on. (May not be applicable to all countries.)
  3. Try another device that you know is working (such as a lamp) in the socket to verify that there is power to the wall socket.
  4. Try replacing the fuse in the plug with one of an identical rating. (May not be applicable to all countries.)
  5. Check the power switch on the fax machine (if it has one. Please refer to your user guide for more information). Should all these tests fail then it may be that your fax machine has a hardware fault. If your machine is covered by contract or warranty then you can arrange a service call by contacting your helpdesk. If the machine is not covered, or you are unsure, we recommend you contact your helpdesk to verify whether the machine is covered under contract or warranty. If it is not covered you will be advised how to arrange a service call outside of warranty.

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